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Champions League Final Preview: Road to the Final

Today, Barcelona will meet Juventus in the biggest football match of 2015; the Champions League Final. The truth is, the final can only be a casual sporting event and irrelevant in the grand scheme of things for us fans, who feel the urge to spectate this moment. We take for granted that for everyone associated with Barcelona and Juventus, this very Saturday could end up being the pinnacle of their careers. I’d like to focus specifically on the players and managers in light of some great work that’s been done in these two clubs. (more…)

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English Premier League: Preview of Window to Prepare for Champions League

At this point, it is relatively fair to say we have encountered our Top 4 and our title winning team of the 2014-15 EPL season. However, this season England’s Top 4 teams looked relatively off the pace compared to usual. Louis Van Gaal famously said to build a squad capable of being in consistent European contention, the squad must have “2 players capable of playing each position”. Looking at the provisional Top 4, they seem to be quite close to achieving this goal, but there are some places in which each side needs a little spark. (more…)

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Manchester Derby Preview Part 2: Combined XI

The Manchester Derby is coming closer and closer, and this time it means a lot in the EPL race. Manchester City will be looking down at Liverpool as they are closer to the Reds than they are to the leaders, Chelsea. Meanwhile, United will be looking to keep up the pace or overtake Arsenal in the leaderboard as the Gunners travel to Turf Moor to play Burnley.

The Derby is a great showing of some of the best talent around, and I’ve built a super-team around which players would make the best combined team (formed in a 4-2-2-2). This is also based on form, so though Yaya Toure, Angel Di Maria, Vincent Kompany, Radamel Falcao, Robin Van Persie and Luke Shaw are fantastic players, they don’t show up in the team for today. (more…)

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Manchester Derby Preview: Predicted Lineups, Score, Latest News

The Manchester Derby has become a showcase of arguably the best footballing city in the modern world- both City and United have left marks in European and English football in recent years. Though Manchester City has been the dominant side in previous meetings, United is in the better run of form of late- and they look like they’re raring to be unleashed into Old Trafford and capture their 6th win in a row. Manchester City, on the other hand, just lost to Crystal Palace, and will be looking to move out of their recent slump in form. (more…)

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EPL Weekend Review: Midfield Matters

This weekend, a couple of tough matches ensued, along with some very one-sided fixtures. Arsenal, QPR and Manchester United were the standout performers of the fixture, comfortably dispatching Liverpool, West Brom and Aston Villa, respectively. Arsenal and United would’ve had clean sheets if it weren’t for disappointing errors, particularly a rare one from David De Gea. What almost every single team this weekend showed is that, without a solid midfield, winning a match is very hard. (more…)

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St. Patrick’s Day Champions League Review: Sportsman Values and Tiebreakers on Display

Yesterday’s Champions League action had me glued to the TV for almost 3 hours. After Arsenal saw elimination at the hands of Monaco on away goals, I switched quickly to watch the cagey Atletico Madrid taking on the sturdy Bayer Leverkusen in overtime. It’s the overtime that made me realize the leading theme of the footballing day: tiebreaking decisions.

Arsenal exited on away goals, while Bayer Leverkusen surrendered to Atletico in shootout. Watching the heartbreaking shootout is what made me realize that, though shootout isn’t the fairest tiebreak in the world, it still is a great deal better than away goals. (more…)

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The Imitation Game (2014)

Dramatic, humorous, eye-opening. Benedict Cumberbatch’s performance as Alan Turing in this World War II film is breathtaking and the story captures his triumphs, setbacks and the tragic irony of his life and times as a brilliant codebreaker beautifully in this film that screams Oscars in every way. Recommended? This movie captures the elements of a stellar war, social injustice and genius biopic film in one impressive package.

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Photo Credit: IMDb

This movie is driven by the strong screenplay behind it. (more…)