Amour (2012)

Romantic, emotional, dramatic. This film is quite a downer, especially upon realizing that it is essentially an elderly lady dying for two hours, but it is made special by the unwavering love and support behind all of her husband’s actions and the elegant dialogue and perspective filming. Recommended? This drama is a bit slow at times, but those who can relate to this story will really appreciate it. 

Photo Credit: IMDB

Photo Credit: IMDB

Michael Haneke’s Amour is the story of the deteriorating health of an elderly lady, played by Emmanuelle Riva, and the determination that her husband, played by Jean-Louis Trintignant, has to look after her the best that he can for the rest of her life. This movie is very straightforward in its approach to the storyline and the character’s motives and preferences, but keeps an element of mystery in that it is hard to predict what is coming or what is going on in terms of the illness.

Emmanuelle Riva’s performance is stunning. Her portrayal of her character’s condition as it worsens throughout the film is both beautiful and heartbreaking. The overall atmosphere of the movie is developed well. While some shots feel like they last longer they should, they portray the difficulties faced by the couple and make the audience feel as if they are sitting in or standing by and watching what is going on.


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