This Is the End (2013)

Light, humorous, fun. This movie does not try to be good in the conventional sense, but appeals to a specific audience who will enjoy watching these big name comedians do their thing in a high-budget, over the top adventure loosely referencing the Book of Revelations. Recommended? This simple-minded comedy is one of a kind and achieves exactly what it sets out to do. 

Photo Credit: IMDb

Photo Credit: IMDb

Having all of the actors just play film versions of themselves added a bit of a Meta level aspect to the story, referencing their other films and parodying themselves in the process. It also allowed for fun cameos; for example, instead of watching a character played by Channing Tatum being the slave of a character played by Danny McBride, we instead see Channing Tatum playing himself being the slave of Danny McBride. This is a comedy that skips the dramatics and cuts straight to the humour. They even go so far as to blatantly explain their story arc and symbolism to make it seem even less artistic and more like just a bunch of guys hanging out and freaking out over what is going on.

Many of the special effects in the film are surprisingly visually appealing. Despite an apparent obsession with male genitalia in the artistic department, most of the effects are really well done, such as the fiery, destroyed Los Angeles and the sinkhole in James Franco’s front yard.

Here is yet another movie that no one watches expecting to be really good (that’s three in a row, I really need to get back on track!) and it goes on to deliver exactly what we expect: cheap thrills, a few laughs and just enough of a story to make it work. For the type of comedy that it is, there is really not much to expect here, but it truly delivers.


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