World Cup Day 2: Mexico vs Cameroon, Spain vs Netherlands and Chile vs Australia

Day 2 at the World Cup had it’s twists and turns. Let’s look at the highlights for all the matches.

Mexico vs Cameroon:

Starting Lineups:

Mexico opted to use a 5-1-2-2:

Made on Lineup Builder

Made on Lineup Builder

Cameroon are using 4-3-3:

Made on Lineup Builder

Made on Lineup Builder

Match Highlights:

An Assou-Ekotto corner in the 16th minute is cleared, but it is played to Eto’o who plays to Choupo-Moting, who puts it in the net. The call is ruled offside.

A Mexico free kick from the right wing comes straight to Marquez, who blows a clear chance. There was a collision between 2 Mexico players. This was rather selfish.

Mexico have a very good corner close to the 30th minute, but the header is just wide.

The rain is pouring down very quickly and all the players are soaked as half time approaches.

Half Time: Mexico 0-0 Cameroon

Song is in a toss up with Dos Santos in the 50th minute.

A yellow card for Hector Moreno in the 57th minute. The free kick is VERY close, but if deflects and goes out.

GOAL! MEXICO HAVE IT! ORIBE PERALTA! Wow! What a season for the country. The dos Santos shot is saved, and Peralta is there to fire it in in the 61st minute. Mexico 1-0 Cameroon

Mexico Celebrates after scoring! From O Canada

Mexico Celebrates after scoring! From O Canada

Substitution: Marco Fabian is coming on for Guardado.

Substitution: “Chicharito” is coming on for Peralta.

Substitution: Song is coming off for Pierre Webo.

Cameroon get close in the 86th minute.

Full Time: Mexico 1-0 Cameroon; Goals, Peralta; MOTM dos Santos

Spain vs Netherlands:

Spain are starting the usual 4-3-3:

Made on Lineup Builder

Made on Lineup Builder

Netherlands went for 5-2-1-2/3-4-1-2:

Made on Lineup Builder

Made on Lineup Builder

Match Highlights:

In the 10th, Iniesta gets a good shot but it goes just over.

PENALTY FOR SPAIN! Diego Costa is brought down in the box after a great run in. ALONSO BURIES IT! Spain 1-0 Netherlands.

Netherlands are attacking a lot more. De Vrij gets a yellow car for a challenge on Silva that appeared to be a dive.

Break from Silva, and the exciting play is saved by Cillessen.

GOAL!!!! WHAT A GOAL FROM VAN PERSIE!!! GOAL OF THE TOURNAMENT SO FAR!!! Blind crosses from the far left at the half line and Van Persie is faster than Ramos or Pique. He headers way up over Casillas and down into the net! Spain 1-1 Netherlands

Van Persie and Blind Technique: This goal is a muse see, one time happening. Robin Van Persie has flung himself at the ball, in a combined set of skill and physicality. Not only does he have to make the power and connection perfect, he has to make sure he doesn’t severe his spine. Take a look from 2 different views.

Van Persie's Goal vs Spain, From O Canada

Van Persie’s Goal vs Spain, From O Canada

From Timeslive

From Timeslive

Great play from Van Persie and Daley Blind. Watch as Van Persie puts the finish.

Half Time; Spain 1-1 Netherlands; Goals, Xabi Alonso, Van Persie

We are back.

GOAL! ARJEN ROBBEN THIS TIME! DALEY BLIND ASSISTS FROM THE HALF AGAIN! 52nd minute!! Daley Blind one touches a cross from the same spot into the chest of Robben, who flicks the ball over Pique’s foot before firing a shot that goes of Pique and in! Netherlands 2-1 Spain

Arjen Robben at Another time in the Match, From O Canada

Arjen Robben at Another time in the Match, From O Canada

RVP hits the bar! A great play to RVP, who curls it past Casillas and into the woodwork. Should’ve been his 2nd in the 60th.

Substitution: De Guzman comes off for Wijnaldum. Great performance from the half Canadian.

Substitution: At the same time as the previous, Diego Costa comes off for Fernando Torres.

GOAL! STEFAN DE VRIIJ this time! A Pique foul gives Sneijder a free kick. He crosses to De Vrij and he is at the back post. Great play by Sneijder. Netherlands 3-1 Spain

De Vrij Goal, From O Canada

De Vrij Goal, From O Canada

Yelow card to Van Persie.

GOAL! Van Persie gets his 2nd after a huge Casillas error! Casillas saves a shot but he doesn’t catch it, and Van Persie slips it away to score! Netherlands 4-1 Spain in a rout!!

Van Persie Capitalizes on Casillas's mistake, From Sport

Van Persie Capitalizes on Casillas’s mistake, From Sport

Substitution: Silva comes off for Fabregas, Spain’s best player by a longshot.

Substitution: van Persie is followed up with his substitution as he comes off for Lens.

GOAL!! Robben gets the 5th! Casillas dives early, and Robben turns and runs past him! He slides it into the top corner! Netherlands 5-1 Spain!

Netherlands almost add again, but a Sneijder volley is not too much for Casillas.

Full Time: Netherlands 5-1 Spain; Goals, Robben (2), Van Persie (2), De Vrij, Xabi Alonso: MOTM Van Persie

This is one that will make the headlines. Will Spain be able to move on?

Chile vs Australia:

Starting Lineups:

Chile are using 4-3-3:

Made on Lineup Builder

Made on Lineup Builder

Australia are going for 4-3-3.

Made on Lineup Builder

Made on Lineup Builder

Match Highlights:

GOAL! Alexis Sanchez! A quick play from Vidal sets up Valdivia, who makes it too easy for Sanchez. Chile 1-0 Australia in the 10th minute!

Alexis Sanchez Goal vs Australia, From Sports NDTV

Alexis Sanchez Goal vs Australia, From Sports NDTV

GOAL! Valdivia adds quickly! In the 13th minute! Exciting finish from the top of the box! Chile are very exciting to watch! Chile 2-0 Australia Valdivia and Sanchez assisted each other’s goals too!

Valdivia's Goal, From TVNZ

Valdivia’s Goal, From TVNZ

As Mena wins Chile another corner, the Chileans are very exciting and high pressing.

Free Kick for Australia! In the 20th minure, about 40 yards away. Tommy Oar’s cross is way off.

GOAL! Cahill puts 1 back! a great header over Bravo. Chile 2-1 Australia

Cahill Goal, From SF Gate

Cahill Goal, From SF Gate

Chile almost concede again! Cahill on a beautiful shot on the right in the 37th. Bravo reaches out to save it.

Cahill gets a yellow card.

Half Time; Chile 2-1 Australia; Goals, Sanchez, Valdivia, Cahill

2nd Half:

Substitution: Mccgowan comes on for Franjic

Australia have been denied twice! Cahill’s goal was called offside, and now in the 56th Bravo denies Australia in!

Jedinak has been shown yellow for a challenge on Sanchez in the 58th.

Substitution: Arturo Vidal is coming off for Felipe Gutierrez.

CHILE DENIED ON THE LINE! Alexis Sanchez played a stunning ball to Eduardo Vargas after a beautiful run, but the Australian centre back sprints in and slides the ball out. Goal Line technology confirms it was a no goal! This is a great performance from Australia.

Australia are creating some great chances from crosses, but they can’t convert. You can feel a goal at this point, but it isn’t a guarantee.

Yellow card to Milligan.

CAHILL AGAIN! He just headers it over! Almost all of Australia’s crosses are hitting Cahill and this shows Chile’s glaring weakness in defence.

Substution: Vargas is coming off for Pinilla.

GOAL! Chile seal it in the 90th! What a goal! Beausejour fires from outside the box on a rebound! Absolutely stunning shot! Great play from the Chileans, they have earned the win. Chile 3-1 Australia

Full Time: Chile 3-1 Australia; Goals, Sanchez, Valdivia, Beausejour, Cahill; MOTM Sanchez




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