Day 4 Review: Argentina and France Prevail, Switzerland Impresses

The matches of Day 4 were not as exciting as those of the previous days, but we still saw 2 heavyweights defend their honour and an underdog rise to the challenge. Here are some of the highlights from yesterday’s games:

Switzerland vs Ecuador:

Starting Lineups:

Switzerland are using 4-2-3-1 and Ecuador favour 4-4-2.

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Match Highlights:
Shaqiri! He took a shot in the 15th, but Dominiguez stops it.

Valencia gets a good shot, but it deflects off of a couple of Swiss players and goes flying into the air, before Benaglio took care of it.

Ricardo Rodriguez takes a shot from far, but Dominiguez knocks it out. It was great from the very far left.

GOAL! FROM A CROSS ON A FREE KICK! Enner Valencia takes a great header! It was too easy to finish! This is absolutely brilliant! The 21st minute! Ecuador 1-0 Switzerland

BEHRAMI! Shaqiri’s corner hits his head and goes in! Dominiguez has it. Switzerland is playing a slow, passing style in which they hold all the possession.

INLER! He takes a great shot from far and forces Dominiguez into a great save! It’s a corner! Shaqiri is dangerous from the corner but Dominiguez prevails.

Shaqiri wins another corner because of a long shot from Xhaka. He takes a very poor cross.

Half Time: Ecuador 1-0 Switzerland; Goals, Enner Valencia

Half Time Report: There have been some very poor decisions in Ecuador’s favour. One player should have gotten a yellow for kicking the ball away when Switzerland was given a free kick, and another for outright slapping Shaqiri. The worst was a clear hand ball which should’ve been a penalty. The goal for Ecuador was stellar.

The 2nd half has begun. Stocker has come off for Mehmedi.

LICHSTEINER! He blasts a shot, but it deflects out. Rodriguez takes the corner and GOAL!!! Rodriguez’s corner goes to Mehmedi, who headers it in. The sub has scored! Switzerland 1-1 Ecuador

Ecuador finally gets a yellow, but the ref stops a Swiss attack to give it to him.

It’s a goal for Switzerland but it is ruled offside! Ecuador make a substitution.

Substitution: Drmic is coming off for Seferovic.

Substitution: Montero is coming off for Rojas.

Djourou gets a yellow for a needed challenge. Ecuador could’ve scored.


Great Refereeing: The referee made a fantastic call. Early in the play, you can see that Behrami has been fouled. He gets back up, so the referee lets the play continue, which allowed Switzerland to score. This is a great use of the advantage play.

Full Time: Switzerland 2-1 Ecuador; Goals, Seferovic, Mehmedi, Enner Valencia; MOTM Inler
France vs Honduras:

Starting Lineups:

France has its usual 4-3-3, while Honduras prefers a 4-4-2.

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Match Highlights:

Patrice Evra gets a yellow card for a poor challenge.

MATUIDI HITS THE BAR! He shoots it, and the keeper gets it and hits it into the bar. This is the 15th minute.

Wilson Palacios of Stoke City is being stretchered off.

THE BAR AGAIN! Evra unleashes a brilliant cross to Antoine Griezmann, who lets the header fly into the woodwork.

The teams are fighting as Pogba is on the ground. This is really bad. The referee breaks it up a bit. He got a challenge from Wilson Palacios, and Pogba and Palacios receive yellow cards.

RED CARD AND PENALTY! Wilson Palacios challenges Pogba again in the box and receives 2nd yellow! Benzema gets a penalty. GOAL! Benzema puts it in! France 1-0 Honduras just before half time!

Cabaye is shown yellow for a challenge.

Half Time: France 1-0 Honduras

We are back with the 2nd half.

GOAL! Benzema slips it in! Goal line technology decides it as in! It is called an own goal! France 2-0 Honduras

Goal Line Technology: The new feature of goal line technology makes sure that every goal that goes in is a goal, and every goal that doesn’t is not. This is the first time it was needed to make a decision, and goal line technology proved it went in.

Boniek Garcia receives yellow for a malicious challenge on Evra.

Benzema has an open chance in the 54th, but it is saved.

Paul Pogba is coming off for Moussa Cissoko.

Najar is coming off for Claros.

Cabaye is coming off for Mavuba.

GOAL! Benzema has put in the 2nd! Along with the assist, he is in the lead for the Golden Boot! France 3-0 Honduras

Full Time: France 3-0 Honduras; Goals, Benzema (2), Valladares (OG); MOTM Benzema

Benzema and the rest of the French team took advantage of Honduras’s red card with some great play.

Argentina vs Bosnia:

Starting Lineups:

Argentina is going with a 5-3-2 to counter the Bosnian style, and Bosnia is playing without Ibisevic to counter Argentina’s style, in a 4-2-3-1.

Made on Lineup Builder

Made on Lineup Builder

Made on Lineup Builder

Made on Lineup Builder

Match Highlights:

GOAL! 2nd MINUTE! OWN GOAL FOR BOSNIA! This could be a disaster for Bosnia! Great free kick from Messi. Argentina 1-0 Bosnia

BOSNIA! SO CLOSE! A beautiful free kick curls in to the man, who can’t control to set up a 1 on 1 with Romero. This is great goalkeeping by Romero.

Yellow Card! Marcos Rojo gets yellow for a poor challenge.

A great corner in the 40th goes to the Bosnian attacker, who headers it, but Romero hits it out. That was a great corner.

Half Time: Argentina 1-0 Bosnia

We are back with the 2nd half.

Sphaic receives a yellow card in the 63rd.

GOAL! LIONEL MESSI! OFF THE POST AND IN! Great play from Argentina! Bosnia should’ve equalised by now… a great deflection goal from Argentina! Argentina 2-0 Bosnia

Star striker Ibisevic is coming on.

Gonzalo Higuain has also entered the field.

Edin Visca is coming on, another attacker for Bosnia.

Misimovic is the final removal for Bosnia.

GOAL! IBISEVIC! The sub gets a goal! Argentina 2-1 Bosnia

Sergio Aguero is now coming off for Biglia, after a truly underwhelming performance for the City star.

A late chance for Bosnia doesn’t work, and they really didn’t need to lose this match.

Argentina 2-1 Bosnia; Goals, Messi, Kolasinac (OG), Ibisevic; MOTM Messi


Be sure to tune in today for the following matches:

Group G: Germany vs. Portugal @ 12:00 p.m.

Group F: Iran vs. Nigeria @ 3:00 p.m.

Group G: Ghana vs. USA @ 6:00 p.m.



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