Day 5: Germany Pulls A Rout, USA Gets Revenge

Day 5 had some exciting moments featured in its usual action. Germany and Portugal faced off in a tough and choppy encounter, while USA had some of its best work up for show as they finally got revenge from Ghana for their 2006 and 2010 eliminations.

Germany vs Portugal

Starting Lineups:

Portugal has gone with their 4-3-3, while Germany is testing a special formation today.

Germany Formation Today: The Germans have a lack of outright strikers, and hard hitting injuries have made it tough for them. However, they have still fielded a World Class team, in a very difficult way. Howedes and Boateng take the fullback positions, instead of Durm and Lahm. Lahm is at center defensive midfield, playing as the anchorman, with Khedira playing box-to-box, further up than usual. Kroos is being the outlet from outside the box, while Gotze plays on the inverted left wing and Thomas Muller plays as a wide striker. Ozil is starting as the 9, but this is surely a decoy. He will either play link up and switch spots with Muller so his cutting runs can clutter the defence, or he will step back and feed with Kroos. It really takes a World Class manager to think this through, as most would just have Gotze as a false nine.

Made on Lineup Builder

Made on Lineup Builder

Made on Lineup Builder

Made on Lineup Builder

Match Highlights:

KHEDIRA! Rui Patricio makes a poor clearance, and it goes to Khedira at 30 yards away, but he misses on an open goal.

PENALTY! Gotze is pulled down by Joao Pereira (yellow card) in the box! Mueller buries it! He perfectly places it into the bottom corner! Germany 1-0 Portugal

NANI! In the 24th, he unleashes a beautiful curve that is just over. That is what we should be seeing at Manchester United!

Substitution: Almeida goes off with an injury and is replaced by Eder.

Germany 2-0 Portugal! A beautiful play from Ozil goes to Mario Gotze, who shoots it, but it deflects for a corner. Kroos pinpoints Hummels, who just can’t miss.

Pinpointing: Kroos has done the job here. He pinpoints a cross so Hummels can get the perfect contact and run in. This is a piece of cake for a renowned specialist at this type of setpiece.

In the 35th, Hummels clears a Coentrao cross before it gets to Ronaldo, but clears just wide of his own post.

RED CARD! Pepe is sent off! As he controls the ball in defence, Muller tracks him, and he swings his arm back to slap Muller! Muller falls and Pepe headbutts him in the head! Portugal are down to 10 men! That is absolutely reckless from Portugal in the 36th!

GOAL! Kroos plays in from outside the box to Thomas Muller, who shoots it to the same corner. It goes of Patricio into the top corner! Germany 3-0 Portugal

Half Time: Germany 3-0 Portugal; Goals, Muller (2), Hummels

Half Time Report: Portugal have been very dirty in their play. They have made huge mistakes, which is costing them right now. Germany should score at least one more without Pepe. It is a shame that this match is over at half time.

We are back with the 2nd half, and Ricardo Costa is on for Miguel Veloso.

It is absolutely fantastic to watch Germany move the ball around.

OZIL IN THE 50TH! He is on a breakaway, but he is too close to Patricio. What a play! Patricio hits it up, and it comes down to Muller’s head, but Muller can’t control it down.

SELFISH PLAY FROM PORTUGAL! Ronaldo is dashing up the centre, and he makes a beautiful play to Coentrao. Before Coentrao can get to it, Nani runs over him and takes it! I think it was bad coordination.

Portugal win a free kick after a poor Hummels challenge. He was outpaced by Eder and had to bring him down. Hummels is feeling his leg, but he appears to be fine.

REF! Gotze makes a play in the 54th, but before it gets to Ozil, it hits the ref and goes back to Gotze! That must be frustrating for the 22 year old.

Germany’s formation switch has helped them in the sense that Muller and Ozil switch spots when attacking, so Muller can header and Ozil’s splitting cut in runs can split the box in 2 and clutter the Portuguese defence. How did Low come up with this?

RONALDO! He wastes a Portugal free kick and puts it straight into the wall!

Schurrle is coming on for Ozil in the 63rd.

Coentrao is down with an injury! There is no tackle, but he isn’t joking. He kicked the ball out, and he seems to have pulled either his groin or a hamstring. Coentrao is stretchered off, and is replaced by Andre Almeida in the 65th.

Hummels is badly injured in the 71st and can’t walk. He comes off for young star Shkodran Mustafi.

HAT TRICK! THOMAS MULLER HAS DONE IT! He has completed the first step to winning his 2nd golden boot! Germany 4-0 Portugal

Hat Trick: A simple rebound completes the hat trick for Thomas Muller. This is absolutely fantastic from the German, who now leads the Golden Boot scoring charts.

Thomas Muller is coming off for Lukas Podolski.

Full Time: Germany 4-0 Portugal; Goals, Muller (3), Hummels; MOTM Muller

Iran vs Nigeria:

Iran vs Nigeria: In a match that is not featured on Entertainment Revisited, Nigeria tried for 90 full minutes to break down an Iran defence that is more than solid. Iran “parked the bus” throughout the match, and this strategy earned them a draw. Here are the match statistics.

Match Statistics:

Possession: Nigeria 70%, Iran 30%

Yellow Cards: Andranik Teynourian (Iran)

Shots: Bigeria 10-9 Iran

Shots on Target: 4 Nigeria-1 Iran

Corners: Nigeria 7-2 Iran

Fouls: Nigeria 16-18 Iran

Pass Completion: Nigeria 84%, Iran 71%

Passes: Nigeria 529-233 Iran

Full Time: Iran 0-0 Nigeria; MOTM Mikel

Ghana vs USA:

Starting Lineups:

Made on Lineup Builder

Made on Lineup Builder

Made on Lineup Builder

Made on Lineup Builder

Match Highlights:

GOAL! THE USA IN 32 SECONDS! A beautiful ball from the left goes to Dempsey, who beats one defender and slots it in to the right post. USA 1-0 Ghana

Jozy Altidore seems to be injured, and he comes off for Aron Johannson.

Dempsey is kicked in the nose after a Ghanaian tries to kick a ball in the air. He stays on.

Half Time: USA 1-0 Ghana; Goals, Dempsey

We are back in the 2nd half.

Ghana! 2 great headers are not quite the standard, but Ghana is getting there.

Substitution: Ayew is coming off for Kevin-Prince Boateng, who really should’ve started.

GYAN! He is so close now! His shot goes off the USA defender and out! This is a great game!

Substitution: Star Michael Essien is coming on.

Graham Zusi is  coming on, as well as Albert Adomah, who replaces Atsu.



Dreams Fulfilled: This was Brooks’s World Cup debut, and he put away the winner for the US against bitter rivals. He simply can’t believe what he has done.

Muntari is shown yellow because Dempsey took a dive.

Full Time: USA 2-1 Ghana; Goals, Dempsey, Brooks, Ayew; MOTM Dempsey


Don’t miss some great football action today! Completing the first round are Belgium and Algeria at noon and Russia and South Korea at 6:00 p.m. Round 2 also begins today when Brazil and Mexico, Group A heavyweights, face off at 3:00 p.m.





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