Day 6: Mexico Steals a Point, Belgium Executes Comeback

Yesterday, fans across the world enjoyed some very tight fixtures. There were some slower, and some very quick.

Belgium vs Algeria:

Starting Lineups:

Belgium went with a mix between 4-3-3 and 4-2-3-1, while Algeria went for a straight 4-3-3.

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Match Highlights:

Axel Witsel! A beautiful shot from far is stopped by the keeper in the 20th minute.

PENALTY! Vertonghen takes a yellow card! He takes down Feghouli after he is outpaced. Feghouli will take the penalty… GOAL! That was tricky play from Feghouli, who takes it cheekily! He leans to the left and shoots it down the centre! Thibaut Courtois had no clue! Algeria 1-0 Belgium

Half Time: Algeria 1-0 Belgium; Goals, Feghouli

We are back with the 2nd half.

So close! Belgium is robbed by the Mbolhi!

Fellaini comes on for Dembele.

GOAL! FELLAINI PUTS IT LEVEL! He is in the box for a fantastic header after a beautiful De Bruyne cross. Belgium 1-1 Algeria

MERTENS PUTS THEM UP! Hazard plays a beautiful ball across to the other substitute, who unleashes the shot. Belgium 2-1 Algeria

FELLAINI! So close! He puts another fantastic header, but it is hit out by Mbolhi. We need to see this play for club!

Full Time: Belgium 2-1 Algeria; Goals, Fellaini, Mertebs, Feghouli; MOTM De Bruyne

Brazil vs Mexico:

Starting Lineups:

Both teams are using their usual formations, with Brazil sticking to their 4-2-3-1/4-3-3 and Mexico staying with Herrera’s preferred 5-3-2.

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Made on Lineup Builder

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Made on Lineup Builder

Match Highlights:

In the 13th minute, Paulinho played a beautiful ball to Fred, who was tackled and lost the ball. It went to Marcelo, who ran up the box and unleashed a fantastic cross, but after a Mexican deflection, Paulinho kicks it out.

In the 23rd minute, a beautiful shot from Mexico is put over by Julio Cesar.

WHAT A SAVE! Neymar in the 25th takes a beautiful header, which is saved by Ochoa… just. Ochoa saved Mexico for sure there! that is one of the best saves in World Cup history!

Reaction Time: Ochoa reacts faster than it looks like in this save. Not only does he anticipate the direction, he times it perfectly to save it on the line.

Oscar takes a shot in the 28th, but Ochoa is there again. Goal Line technology shows just how close the previous Neymar shot was, measuring in at less than a centimetre off.

In the 42nd minute, Dani Alves wins a free kick. WHAT A FREE KICK! The kick goes to the head and the head goes to Paulinho, who has an open shot! Ochoa is there again!

Half Time: Brazil 0-0 Mexico

Bernard has been brought on. He sends a beautiful cross that Neymar should’ve buried, if not for some great Mexican defending.

Dos Santos cuts in up the perimeter of the box, and shoots. It goes off Thiago Silva and Julio Cesar catches it.

HERRERA! He has a beautiful shot from 20 yards, but it just curls over.

A beautiful cross in the 67th by Bernard goes to Neymar, who has a beautiful shot. Ochoa denies him! What a save again from Ochoa!

A corner from Neymar is curling in, but Ochoa catches it.

OCHOA AGAIN! Thiago Silva has a fantastic header from in the 6 yard box, but Ochoa saves it!

MEXICO! A beautiful left-foot shot from the top right corner of the box in the 89th curls toward the net, but skims over the bar.

AGAIN IN THE 90TH! A beautiful shot from the right side by Mexico curls in, and Julio Cesar dives to save it.

Full Time: Brazil 0-0 Mexico; MOTM Ochoa

What a performance from Ochoa! He got Mexico the point himself!

Russia vs South Korea:

Starting Lineups:

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Match Highlights:

A strange challenge in the 30th is the first highlight in a slow match. Ki Sung-Yeung of South Korea receives a yellow card. WHAT A FREE KICK! The shot from well over 30 yards away is saved, but the goalkeeper couldn’t catch it.

Heung-Min Son has an opening on goal in the 37th, but he blasts it so high up.

Half Time: South Korea 0-0 Russia

Substitution: Alan Dzagoev is coming on. Hopefully he can make a difference.

GOAL! That is a sad error from Akinfeev! A beautiful run from the centre turns into a shot that goes to Akinfeev. Akinfeev hits it over himself and in! South Korea 1-0 Russia

Substitution: Kerzakhov is coming on, as the great scorer looks to make a difference.

Hong Jeongho is stretchered off and replaced in the 72nd minute.

1-1! Rusia have done it! Kerzakhov just came on and he scored! That is fantastic by Russia! It takes about 3 shots before the keeper is beaten! This is fantastic by Russia!

Heung-Min Son is coming off now. He really has underwhelmed.

RUSSIA! So close in the 93rd! A beautiful play is moved down the goal line, but Russia’s player can’t get to it, and it goes to the Russian on the far right. He shoots way over.

South Korea 1-1 Russia; Goals, Kerzakhov, Lee K; MOTM Son

What a match! This is the first one we have seen with more tactics and less flair!

Today, there are enticing fixtures to watch. The Dutch are on fire, and a technically inept Australia side is surely less intimidating than Spain, especially with Holland’s new found confidence. Spain will need to win both of their remaining fixtures to get a shot at first in the group and avoid a hypothetical Round of 16 match with Brazil. Croatia and Cameroon will be fighting, as the losing team will be eliminated from the tournament, and neither side will want a draw, as it will severely reduce their qualification chances.

Australia vs Netherlands, 12pm

Spain vs Chile, 3pm

Cameroon vs Croatia, 6pm



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