Day 8: England and Japan on the Brink, James Rodriguez and Suarez Impress

Colombia vs Ivory Coast:

Starting Lineups:

Match Highlights:

COLOMBIA! James Rodriguez puts a perfect ball to Gutierrez, who is 1 on 1 with the keeper. Unfortunately, Gutierrez miskicks it in the 30th.

AURIER! He dribbles past the defence, and he shoots it. Ospina grabs it in the 34th.

Boka plays a fantastic ball in, but the shot is mistimed in the latter stages of the half.

Half Time: Colombia 0-0 Ivory Coast

Colombia starts the 2nd half with a Cuadrado shot that goes off Barry and hits the post.

Wilfried Bony comes off for Drogba. Can he spark a win once again?

GOAL! James Rodriguez! A beautiful corner goes to the head! Colombia 1-0 Ivory Coast

Celebration: Colombia did a dance after their goal, a la Roger Milla.

GOAL AGAIN! 2 consecutive goals in the 6th decade of minutes! Quintero controls the ball perfectly! Boubacar Barry can’t do enough! Colombia 2-0 Ivory Coast

WOW IN THE 72nd! That is a fantastic goal by Gervinho! He dribbles past Zuniga and Zapata with ease, and slides it home! Colombia 2-1 Ivory Coast!

DROGBA! He is on a fantastic breakaway, but Ospina comes off the line to clear.

Full Time: Colombia 2-1 Ivory Coast; Goals, James Rodriguez, Quintero, Gervinho; MOTM James Rodriguez

James Rodriguez will win the Golden Ball at this rate!

Uruguay vs England:

Today, Suarez will play against his starting Liverpool teammates, Glen Johnson, Steven Gerrard, Jordan Henderson, Raheem Sterling and Daniel Sturridge.

Starting Lineups:

Match Highlights:

Yellow Card to Diego Godin! He handballed just outside the box! England have a free kick! ROONEY! It curled out, after looking like it was going in!


Welbeck is fouled on the left wing, and Gerrard will cross it. Rooney is at the back post in the 30th minute setpiece. ROONEY! His header hits the bar! England fans will be in rage if England loses today! That is great marking by Caceres!

JOHNSON IN THE 31st! His cross goes to Sturridge, but the header is just missed!

Cavani crosses in the 38th, and it goes into Suarez, who headers it left of Joe Hart, who just can’t do anything about it. GOAL! Uruguay 1-0 England, Suarez has struck again! Uruguay are a different team in attack with him!

This is a recreation of Suarez’s goal, done by Footy Inter on youtube.

STURRIDGE! In the 40th, Rooney plays a beautiful ball to Sturridge, who fires with his left foot! Muslera hits it out for a Gerrard corner! England win another corner! Rooney is taking it from the right! England don’t make much, but they regain possession. Sterling puts a poor cross, but they win another corner! Baines takes this one! Arevalo clears for ANOTHER corner! Baines’s corner is cleared by Suarez.

Half Time: Uruguay 1-0 England; Goals, Suarez

SUAREZ! His corner is fantastic, and it curls into a scoring position. Hart saves it in the 47th!

Suarez in the 49th! He plays a fantastic ball to Cavani, who can’t find a shot! He passes to Gonzalez, whose shot goes off Gerrard and out.

SUAREZ! In the 50th, he has a beautiful chance, but he plays just wide.

ROONEY! In the 53rd, he unleashes a beautiful shot, but Muslera is equal. The striker is SO unlucky!

WELBECK! Baines crosses very well, and Welbeck slides to get the ball. He sides into Muslera (accidentally), and Muslera is lying down injured.

ROONEY! He equalizes! He has scored his first World Cup goal! England 1-1 Uruguay

Lallana, Stuani and Barkley all come on around the 70th! Sterling, Lodeiro and Welbeck are subbed off.

Sturridge goes down in the box in the 77th! Sturridge dived, put simply.

STURRIDGE! In the 77th, he shoots the ball before Caceres closes down, and Muslera stops it! It was a great shot, considering it was his weak right foot!

GOAL! SUAREZ IN THE 84th AGAIN! This is a beautiful counter! Cavani runs back to header backwards over the England defence, but it passes him and goes to Gerrard, who heads it straight to Suarez! Suarez runs up the right, receives it, and shoots home! WHAT A GOAL! Uruguay 2-1 England

Rickie Lambert is now on, for Sturridge.

Gerrard shoots in the 93rd, but it is wide with 2 minutes to go.

Rooney has a shot in the 94th, but it is blocked and goes out for a corner. Joe Hart comes up for the corner, but Jagielka is wide. Suarez can’t believe what is going on at the sidelines!

Full Time: Uruguay 2-1 England; Goals, Rooney, Suarez (2); MOTM Suarez

This is absolutely brilliant from Suarez.

Japan vs Greece:

Starting Lineups:

Match Highlights:

Kone is faster than Honda in the 10th, but his shot is too easy for Kawashima.

Japan in the 20th! Osako shoots from far, but his shot is just wide.

Honda from a free kick! It is saved by Karnezis!

Gekas comes on for Mitroglou in the 35th.

Red Card! Katsouranis is sent off after a 2nd yellow in the 37th!

Torosidis! He shoots from far, and Kawashima has to hit it out towards the end of the half.

Half Time: Greece 0-0 Japan

We are back with the 2nd half. SAMARAS! The keeper is of his line, and Samaras shoots from kickoff. It isn’t far off.

OKUBU! Kagawa picks out Ochida after coming on, and he play to Okubu perfectly, on a pretty much open net! Okubu shoots wide!

UCHIDA IN THE 71st! He intercepts the ball in the box with a 1 touch chot that is further off than his distance from the net.

Full Time: Japan 0-0 Greece; MOTM Honda

Tomorrow, Italy takes on Costa Rica in Group D, while Switzerland and France fight in Group E. Honduras and Ecuador get the prime time game. Also, note that the lineups today are from FIFA TV on youtube.


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