Day 9: France Routs Switzerland, Costa Rica Advances, England is Eliminated

Who would’ve pictured this? Costa Rica has advanced from the group that made them the least favoured team in the entire tournament. Costa Rica has beaten Uruguay and Italy already, and they could take all 9 points. France and Switzerland have both played parts in putting up a real show for the fans, and no one will be complaining in a match with 7 goals. Today we take a closer look at some recreations of the goals, and how they show the tactical positioning.

Italy vs Costa Rica:

Starting Lineups:

Match Highlights:

Balotelli! A beautiful pass from Pirlo is perfect for Balotelli to get a shot. Keylor Navas closes the angle, but Balotelli chips it over him. Costa Rica clears before it can get even close to the net in the 30th.

BALOTELLI! A beautiful play from Motta gives Balotelli a volley, but the powerful shot is saved by Keylor Navas.

CAMPBELL! He goes down in the box, but the ref tells him to get up. That should’ve been a penalty, as Chiellini didn’t get even close to the ball in the 42nd.

GOAL! WHAT A GOAL FROM BRYAN RUIZ! The ball is crossed from the touchline, and Ruiz comes in towards the right post to put it off the crossbar and in! Costa Rica are on the verge of a shock! Costa Rica 1-0 Italy in the 44th minute as goal line confirms it as in!

Pirlo has a free kick. can he equalize just before half time? His pass is unusually poor.

Half Time: Costa Rica 1-0 Italy; Goals, Ruiz

We are back with the 2nd half.

URENA! He could’ve sealed it in the 83rd!

Costa Rica are close again in the 92nd, with Italy now having no threat at all.

Full Time: Costa Rica 1-0 Italy; MOTM Ruiz

What a game!

France vs Switzerland:

Starting Lineups:

Match Highlights:

GOAL! In the 16th, Giroud gets a beautiful header from a Valbuena cross at the corner spot. That is an absolutely classy use of aerial ability. France 1-0 Switzerland

The goal is recreated on youtube.

AND AGAIN! France is up in the 2nd! Benzema capitalizes on a Swiss mistake at kickoff, and he feeds it to Matuidi, who slides it into the left corner! France 2-0 Switzerland

Switzerland breaks in the 29th, as Xhaka makes a run to fire, but Lloris is there to hit it out. Shaqiri gets it, and he shoots, but Lloris tips it out. Unfortunately, the ref doesn’t see this, and he gets a goal kick.

PENALTY! France has won a penalty! Benzema is running in the box and is brought down by Djourou! Benema is at the spot… WHAT A SAVE! Benaglio gets it out to Valbuena, who headers into the crossbar, before Pogba volleys from outside over Benaglio, but the keeper runs back to hit it out. WOW.

Shaqiri is unmarked, and he runs all the way, but a slide tackle from 2 centre backs is brilliant to block. On the counter, GOAL! Giroud is free after a deep Benzema play, and he plays a beautiful cross to Valbuena, who completes the sweaty goal. France 3-0 Switzerland

A Benzema break leads to a long shot, which isn’t too much for Benaglio.

Half Time: France 3-0 Switzerland; Goals, Giroud, Matuidi, Valbuena

BENZEMA! In the 59th, Benzema shoots, and it deflects to go over. The set up from Valbuena showed off his pace.

MEHMEDI IN THE 64TH! A beautiful Lichsteiner cross goes to Mehmedi’s feet, but the first touch is poor and Lloris closes the angle.

GOAL! Benzema in the 66th! He is open on the right side, and he shoots it into the top corner. The play from Matuidi and Pogba was world class. France 4-0 Switzerland

SISSOKO MAKES IT 5-0! Pogba pulls the defence apart by running in as Benzema plays wide to Sissoko. The latter finished beautifully into the left corner. France 5-0 Switzerland

WHAT A GOAL FOR SWITZERLAND! A beautiful free kick from Dzemaili is just a ground shot that confuses the wall and rolls into the bottom corner! France 5-1 Switzerland in the 83rd.

WHAT A GOAL FROM XHAKA! A beautiful cross from Inler at the 35 yard mark is volleyed in from Xhaka, in what was a fantastic finish. France 5-2 Switzerland

BENZEMA PUTS A 6th IN THE 93rd! The goal is denied, as the ref has already blown his whistle! Full Time: France 5-2 Switzerland; Goals, Giroud, Matuidi, Valbuena, Benzema, Sissoko, Dzemaili, Xhaka; MOTM Benzema

Benzema tops the Golden Boot charts with 3 goals and 2 assists.

Ecuador vs Honduras:

Starting Lineups:

Match Highlights:

ENER VALENCIA! He is on a breakaway, and with the keeper off his line, he shoots just wide.

BERNARDEZ IN THE 27th! a beautiful corner goes to the unmarked player, and he headers just wide!

GOAL! COSTLY PUTS HONDURAS UP IN THE 30th! Carlo Costly takes advantage of a great clearance, and ruins the Ecuadorian defence by picking the ball with his chest, and earning a breakaway. As for the finish, there was no doubt. Honduras 1-0 Ecuador

ECUADOR TIE IT UP IN THE 33rd! Ener Valencia is on fire for his nation, and he bags his second goal of the tournament! Ecuador 1-1 Honduras

HONDURAS GOAL! The ref disallows it for offside! Honduras are complaining for a late call! Half Time: Honduras 1-1 Ecuador; Goals, Costly, E Valencia

The second half begins.

GOAL! ENER VALENCIA! The goal is the exact same as the one against the Swiss! Ener Valencia now joins Arjen Robben, Robin Van Persie, Thomas Muller and Karim Benzema with 3 goals. The Frenchman has 2 assists right now, so he is in the lead. Ecuador 2-1 Honduras

Montero is shown yellow for a “Costly” challenge in the 80th minute.

Full Time: Ecuador 2-1 Honduras; Goals, E Valencia, Costly; MOTM E Valencia

Tomorrow, Germany will look to continue their run of form in a tricky match against Ghana at 3pm. At noon, Argentina will attempt to get through the disciplined bus park of Iran, and at 6, Bosnia and Nigeria will likely decide 2nd place in the group.


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