Costa Rica vs Greece: Highlights, Player Ratings

Costa Rica has been brave today, winning a match that was tough for them. Not only did they go down to 10 men, but they ran out of substitutions, their goalkeeper’s shoulder and knee were injured (and he saved a penalty), and Greece equalized to take it to extra time in the 90th minute. Let’s see how Costa Rica did it.

Costa Rica vs Greece:

Starting Lineups:

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Match Highlights:

Campbell is fouled just outside the box in the 21st minute. The free kick is going to be taken by Bolanos. No one can reach it, great defence from Greece.

Karagounis drives from far in the 28th, but Keylor Navas is there.

Samaris is shown yellow in the 35th for a challenge that prevented Campbell from making a counter.

A great cross goes to Salpingidis, who saves and kicks it out. That is a true reflex save, and great work from Keylor Navas.

From The Big Lead

Duarte holds back Christodoulopoulos, and he is shown yellow, along with giving Greece a good chance. The cross is stopped by Keylor Navas.

Half Time: Costa Rica 0-0 Greece

GOAL! Bryan Ruiz puts Costa Rica ahead in the 52nd! His finish is into the bottom corner from a beautiful cross! Costa Rica 1-0 Greece

From The Big Lead

Torosidis clearly handballs, but the ref doesn’t see it and play continues in the 54th.

A Costa Rican on the bench has been shown yellow, but no one knows who it is in the 56th minute. It is Oscar Granados, the substitute goalkeeper.

Samaris is coming off for Mitroglou in the 58th.

Tejeda is coming off for Cubero.

Oscar Duarte is shown another yellow card! He makes a reckless challenge and Costa Rica is down to 10 men! Samaras’s header is well wide in the 66th.

Salpingidis is now coming off for Gekas. Greece is playing 3 strikers and a winger in the front now.

Bryan Ruiz is now shown yellow in the 70th. The Costa Ricans are getting a bit stingy.

Keylor Navas has 3 men on him as Samaras’s cross comes in in the 71st, and he fumbles, but he gets a hit to it and the defence clears it.

2 Costa Ricans are lying down injured, and Manolas plays straight through Campbell’s leg before he is on the ground. Manolas is shown yellow for an anger challenge.

Campbell has a counter in the 74th, but he is called for handball.

Cristian Gamboa is coming off for Acosta. Gamboa has been instrumental in the Costa Rican attack since the beginning.

Maniatis comes off for Katsouranis in the 77th. Maniatis is furious about that one!

Greece win a free kick 25 yards from goal. Costa Rica has 11 men back, but Karagounis kicks it way over in the 80th.

The Greeks win another free kick from a similar area in the 81st. Manolas’s header is just over.

Bolanos is off for Brenes in the 83rd.

Christodoulopoulos fires a brilliant cross to Gekas and it beats Navas, but it is too hard to turn in.

Keylor Navas is shown yellow for time wasting in the 90th.

GOAL! GREECE IS EQUAL! THEY WILL SURELY WIN NOW! Gekas gets a shot and it is saved, but it comes out and is fired home by Sokratis! Greece 1-1 Costa Rica. That is the first goal Costa Rica has conceded in normal play.

From Fan Sided

GEKAS! HIS HEADER IS SAVED AND HIT OVER BY KEYLOR NAVAS! Navas is down on the ground injured. He has hurt his shoulder, but Costa Rica is out of substitutions. Navas will play, and if not Costa Rica is down to 9 men.

Full Time: Costa Rica 1-1 Greece; Goals, Ruiz, Sokratis; Red Cards, Duarte

The players have come back out for extra time.

ET Half Time: Costa Rica 1-1 Greece; Goals, Ruiz, Sokratis; Red Cards, Duarte

Brenes gets a chance, but it curves wide from the 1 touch volley.

Keylor Navas is injured again, this time in the leg. He is really struggling. Gekas’s foot made contact with his knee.

A great cross is sent in at the 111th, but Campbell can’t get a foot to it. Greece clears for a corner.

GREECE! Lazaros gets a shot, but an injured Navas stops it!

MITROGLOU! He is open on goal, but Navas makes a brave save!

Greece is making the same offside mistakes over and over again. Is the manager not correcting them?

ET Full Time: Costa Rica 1-1 Greece; Goals, Ruiz, Sokratis; Red Cards, Duarte

From Cricket Country

This game is going to shootout.

STATISTIC: Costa Rica have received 6 yellow cards and 1 red, while Greece has received 2 yellow cards. That is one of the most disciplinary matches so far.

The Greek coach is sent off for arguing with an official.

Despite being down a man, Costa Rica now has equal chance, although half of their players are on the ground stretching. Keylor Navas is going to struggle with 2 injuries picked up today.

The first kick taker is Borges. He smashes it into the top of the centre! Penalties Costa Rica 1-0 Greece

From Jamaica Gleaner

Mitroglou is next. He softly takes it into the left corner after seeing where Navas is going! Costa Rica 1-1 Greece Penalties 

From The Secret Footballer

Ruiz is next. He shoots… another top centre! He takes a fantastic shot! Penalties Costa Rica 2-1 Greece

From Sky Sports

Next, we have Christodoulopoulos. He shoots it lightly into the right corner. Costa Rica 2-2 Greece Penalties

From WIkipedia

Costa Rica’s Gonzalez is up. He shoots down the centre and in! Penalties Costa Rica 3-2 Greece

From World Cup College

Cholevas is up now. Navas dives the right way, but the shot is too good. Costa Rica 3-3 Greece Penalties

From Zimbio

Campbell is shooting next. He takes it lightly into the left centre! Penalties Costa Rica 4-3 Greece

From Reuters

Greece is next, and Navas stops it! Costa Rica 4-3 Greece Penalties

From Zimbio

Umana is shooting for the win. GOAL! Penalties Costa Rica 5-3 Greece

From Solo Futbol

Full Time: Costa Rica 2-1 Greece; Goals, SO, Ruiz, Sokratis; Red Cards, Duarte; MOTM Navas

Best Player Ratings:

Keylor Navas- He saved a million shots with 2 injuries, and he should be a role model for young players of the game. 9

Giancarlo Gonzalez- He blocked so many shots while Costa Rica were in defence. 7

Bryan Ruiz- He scored a great goal and showed energy the whole match. 7

Jose Cholevas- He was a constant outlet in the attack and defence from the left. 7

Sokratis Papastathopoulos- The Dortmund man shut out Costa Rica in defence and sparked overtime with a goal. 7

Tomorrow, Algeria takes on Germany at 4pm, while Nigeria will look to give France the same fight they gave Argentina at 12pm. All times are in Eastern Time. Tune in to the World Cup and Entertainment Revisited.




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