Belgium vs USA: Match Highlights, Player Grades

Belgium vs USA:

Starting Lineups:

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Match Highlights:

Origi broke in early, but it was kicked out for a corner by Howard in the 1st.

De Bruyne broke out in the 2nd minute, but he fell as his shot and only won a corner.

Belgium won a corner after Fellaini forced the US to clear in the 11th. Fellaini got to the corner, but he couldn’t get a head on target.

Origi was down injured in the 13th. He came back on eventually.

There was a break in play for what looks like a fan that got out onto the field.

Geoff Cameron made a poor challenge on Dries Mertens in the 18th for a yellow card.

USA won a corner after Vertonghen made an error in the 19th. It was good, but the finish wasn’t there even though contact was made.

DEMPSEY! He had a small angle, but he drove straight at Courtois.

DE BRUYNE! Belgium were 4 on 3, and he tricked the keeper, but his shot was just wide in the 23rd.

VERTONGHEN! DeMarcus Beasley got the clearance from a Vertonghen cross in the 25th!

Belgium won a corner because of Jan Vertonghen in the 27th.

Belgium had yet another corner in the 28th. It didn’t come to anything.

Hazard got a drive in the 29th, but Howard didn’t have too much problem stopping it.

Fabian Johnson was injured in the 31st minute. He came off, and that injury could prove to be fatal to the US. Fabian Johnson has been USA’s best player in the defensive area. Yedlin came on to replace Fabian Johnson.

USA had a corner in the 33rd, but it didn’t come to anything.

A great cross went to Dempsey, but the American forward was well marked.

Mertens won a free kick in the 40th, but it was poor on so many levels.

Kompany was shown yellow for a challenge on Dempsey in the 42nd.

Belgium won a corner in the 43rd, after Gonzalez makes a jumping header clearance a la Van Persie.

From Huffington Post

US won a corner in the 45th, and Zusi took it. It didn’t produce much.

De Bruyne took a 1 touch drive, but Howard saved it.

Hazard forced US into conceding another corner in the 46th.

Half Time: Belgium 0-0 USA

Half Time Report: USA have tried to break out on the counter, and Belgium should’ve scored 2 by now.

Tactical Analysis:

Both teams have used fairly simple tactics. Let’s have a look.

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MERTENS! His header was going in from an outside De Bruyne cross, but Howard made a gravity defying save in the 47th!

Origi broke out in the 48th, but he went down in the box. No penalty was given.

Fellaini drove from far in the 52nd, but it went quite far over.

Vertonghen! His cross went in, but neither De Bruyne nor Origi could slide in to connect in the 54th.

ORIGI HITS THE BAR! A great cross from De Bruyne went to Origi, who headed into the crossbar in the 55th.

VERTONGHEN! He shot it early and Howard hit it out!

Zusi! He got a shot in the box, but it was saved well by USA.

MERTENS! Origi beat 2 guys on the left and crossed in, but Howard closed the angle.

Mirallas came on for Mertens in the 60th.

WITSEL! He got a shot in the 69th, but it was just wide. Howard had his angles covered.

ORIGI! His shot in the 71st was saved by Howard.

Zusi came off for Wondolowski.

Dempsey drove from far in the 74th, but Courtois saved it.

Mirallas! He was 1 on 1 with Howard, but Howard still managed to get it out for a corner.

Omar Gonzalez was injured in the 77th minute. He twisted his leg.

HAZARD! His shot was stopped by Howard again!

Belgium had yet another corner in the 80th.

Van Buyten was open on goal, but Besler slid it out for a corner. Van Buyten’s header was wide.

ORIGI! In the 85th, he got a drive that Howard hit out for ANOTHER corner. Fellaini is called for an offensive foul.

USA won a corner in the 86th. It didn’t work.

HAZARD HITS THE SIDE NETTING! He was close in the 88th.

KOMPANY! Howard saved his effort! Belgium had another corner in the 90th. Belgium retained possession, but Hazard won another corner. Fellaini’s header went just over.


The game really shouldn’t have gone to overtime.

Full Time: Belgium 0-0 USA

Lukaku came on at the interval for Origi.

GOAL! DE BRUYNE! CREATED BY LUKAKU! The Wolfsburg attacker went past 3 guys and finished! Belgium 1-0 USA

USA had a free kick in the 94th. Bradley took it.

LUKAKU! His shot was hit out by Howard in the 97th for a corner. The corner didn’t work.

LUKAKU! In the 101st, his shot was well stopped by Howard.


Julian Green came on for Bedoya in the 105th+2.

ET Half Time: Belgium 2-0 USA; Goals, De Bruyne, Lukaku




Hazard came off for Chadli in the 110th.

Belgium won another corner from the initial corner.

US had a free kick outside the box in the 113th.

DEMPSEY! The free kick was fantastic, and Dempsey was 1 on 1, but Courtois saved it!

The US had many attacks in the 107th, but they all ended after Jermaine Jones drove way wide.

ET Full Time: Belgium 2-1 USA; Goals, Lukaku, De Bruyne, Green; MOTM Lukaku

Best Player Grades:

Tim Howard- As FIFA 14 commentating would say, “Save after save, it’s a bit of a surprise when it goes past him!”  8.5

Michael Bradley- He did well, connecting well with Jermaine Jones and creating many chances. 7

Jermaine Jones- He did the same as Bradley, but today he took a couple of knocks rather than giving others the same. 7

Julian Green- The youngster put a perfect kick to score as soon as he came on. 7

Jan Vertonghen- For a centre back, he doesn’t do a bad job attacking from the left! 7.5

Kevin De Bruyne- He finally got the finish he deserved at the end. 8

Romelu Lukaku- He got his World Cup started as a sub. 8.5

That was a great game. Tomorrow and Thursday are break days, before Brazil take on Colombia and France take on Germany on Friday.



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