Brazil vs Colombia: Match Highlights, Player Grades

Brazil earned a tough victory over Colombia that silenced all the doubters in the stadium. Although their attack wasn’t prolific, they did enough to set up a semi-final with Germany.

Brazil vs Colombia:

Starting Lineups:

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Match Highlights:

Brazil won a free kick not too far away from the box in the 4th minute. Neymar shot it wide.

Brazil won a corner in the 6th.

GOAL! THIAGO SILVA! He capitalized from some bad defending in the 8th minute! Brazil 1-0 Croatia

Freddy Guarin had a setpiece from far in the 9th.

CUADRADO! He got a shot in the 10th, but it went out for a corner, that didn’t go to anything.

Brazil had another corner in the 17th.

HULK! He broke through in the 20th, but he couldn’t turn in from a tough angle. Brazil won another corner.

HULK! He shot from a poor angle in the 27th, but the keeper saved it.

Colombia had a free kick in the 35th. James stood by the spot with Cuadrado and Guarin. The wall did very well.

Colombia won another free kick in the 38th. James’s ball was caught by Julio Cesar.

Neymar won a free kick in the 43rd, just outside the box. His free kick was just over.

Half Time: Brazil 1-0 Colombia; Goals, Thiago Silva

Half Time Report:

Brazil has been the stronger team by quite some distance, although there has been some questionable defending by Colombia, and interesting officiating.

Colombia took off Ibarbo for Adrian Ramos.

Colombia won a free kick in the 49th.

Cuadrado’s delivery had no connection.

Brazil’s set piece in the 51st failed to get to Luiz.

Cuadrado won a free kick not too far away from the box in the 62nd. James Rodriguez crossed it in, but Brazil cleared it well.

Thiago Silva was shown yellow for a challenge on Ospina while the keeper was clearing.

James Rodriguez put a good free kick in, but it was offside in the 66th minute.

James Rodriguez got yellow in the 68th.


Teofilo Gutierrez came off for Bacca in the 70th.

Yepes was shown yellow in the 72nd.

PENALTY! Penalty for Colombia! Julio Cesar fouled Bacca in the box in the 78th! James Rodriguez stepped up to take it. GOAL! COLOMBIA HAS 1 BACK! Brazil 2-1 Colombia

Quintero came on for Cuadrado.

Bacca got a header across the face of the goal, but he was ruled offside in the 81st.

Colombia won a corner in the 82nd. Hulk came off for Ramires before it was taken. It won them another corner.

Colombia won ANOTHER corner in the 85th. Hernanes came on for Paulinho.

Neymar was down in the 88th. He came off for Henrique, the defender.

Colombia won a corner in the 92nd. It was headed wide by Adrian Ramos.

Colombia had a free kick in the 94th. Ramos headed out again, and the match was pretty much over.

Full Time: Brazil 2-1 Colombia; Goals, Thiago Silva, David Luiz, James Rodriguez; MOTM David Luiz

Player Grades:

Thiago Silva- He was prolific in the defence and in front of goal. 9

David Luiz- If he performed this way regularly, he’d be in the FIFA World XI next to Thiago Silva. 9

Hulk- He was constantly dangerous, bullying defenders and getting shots away. 7

James Rodriguez- He exited the World Cup early, but he may still win the Golden Boot, with 2 goals more than anyone else. 7

This sets up a semi-final between Brazil and Germany, two of the 3 favourites going into the competition. Meanwhile, tomorrow, Netherlands will take on Costa Rica and Argentina will take on dark horses Belgium in a mission to match Brazil.



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