Argentina vs Belgium: Match Highlights, Player Grades

Argentina had a Germany esque win today, scoring 1 early goal and using sound defending to pull their way through to the semifinals. Belgium didn’t go down without a fight, and they did very well to give the 2nd favourites a run for their money.

Argentina vs Belgium:

Starting Lineups:


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Match Highlights:

GOAL! Higuain put Argentina ahead in the 8th minute! What a strike that was! Di Maria took a through ball that took a deflection off the Belgian defender. It went towards Higuain, who struck without a first touch! Argentina 1-0 Belgium

Belgium won a corner in the 17th, as Vertonghen’s cross was headed out. The corner was headed out by Kompany.

De Bruyne drove from far in the 26th, but his shot was well stopped by Romero, and Origi couldn’t get to it.

Di Maria was injured in the 32nd. He came off for Enzo Perez.

Messi won a free kick in the 38th for a malicious challenge. He was just out of the box, in the semicircle. It was just over.

WHAT A CHANCE FOR MIRALLAS! Vertonghen got a cross in and Mirallas ran in to get a head, but he couldn’t turn it into the goal in the 42nd minute.

Argentina won a corner, but nothing came in the 43rd minute.

Half Time: Argentina 1-0 Belgium; Goals, Higuain

Half Time Report: Both sides were playing a high pressing system throughout the first half, but Argentina had a breakthrough. Jan Vertonghen and Lionel Messi had the most creative spells, while Kevin Mirallas and Gonzalo Higuain had been the most lethal in front of goal. Angel Di Maria came off with an injury.

Argentina won a free kick in the 47th minute. Messi’s cross didn’t really work.

Higuain’s shot in the box took a deflection out for a corner.

Argentina won a free kick on the right side of the box, after a Hazard challenge. The Chelsea youngster was shown yellow.

HIGUAIN! He dribbled across the entire field and past Kompany, and he bulleted into the crossbar!

Belgium made 2 substitutions in the 59th, as Origi came off for Lukaku, and Mirallas came off for Mertens.

MAROUANE FELLAINI! In the 60th, a great cross went to Fellaini, who headed just over.

De Bruyne had a sharp cross in the 65th, but Garay deflected it. Romero dived to prevent it from going into his goal.

Alderweireld was shown yellow in the 68th, and he would miss the next match if Belgium advances.

Lavezzi exited the pitch in the 70th for Palacio.

Biglia was shown yellow after giving a free kick just outside the box to Vertonghen.

Hazard came off in the 75th for Chadli. Mertens took the free kick, but it went out. He should’ve crossed to Fellaini!

Higuain came off for Gago.

De Bruyne won a corner in the 85th.

Fellaini won a corner in the 88th.

Enzo Perez was injured in the 90th.

MESSI! Messi had a breakaway, but Courtois came out to save it!

WITSEL! He had a volley drive, but it went just over!

Full Time: Argentina 1-0 Belgium; Goals, Higuain

Player Grades:

Javier Mascherano- He held the midfield together and never allowed Belgium to get through and have a go at the centre backs. Why doesn’t he play anchor for Barcelona? 8.5

Gonzalo Higuain- He was pulling the strings in attack, and should’ve scored 2. 9

Lionel Messi- He did well, and he always looks dangerous. 7

Thibaut Courtois- His highlight was denying Messi from a breakaway. 7

Jan Vertonghen- He was Belgium’s only real attacking threat with Marouane Fellaini, using great crossing to take advantage of the midfielder’s height, and his afro. 8.5

Marouane Fellaini- He was called for an offensive foul in the box, but really he should’ve won a penalty from it. 7.5

Argentina will play the winner of Netherlands vs Costa Rica, and you can find out which nation wins at 4pm ET, or on Entertainment Revisited after the game.


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