Air Force One (1997)

Predictable, fun, entertaining. This movie offers no more than the average action movie in terms of plot or development, but it still has some exciting moments and is fun to watch. Recommended? This is a movie which viewers should know exactly what they are going to get out of it.

Photo Credit: IMDb

Photo Credit: IMDb

The story behind Air Force One is not uncommon: the president’s quarters are under attack because of a decision that he made which jeopardizes the lives of the people in the country from which the attacking terrorists are from. The president, his colleagues and his captors then spend the remainder of the movie facing multiple near death experiences, many of which losing their life along the way. Director Wolfgang Petersen and writer Andrew W. Marlowe take this familiar storyline and bring it to life on the famous presidential aircraft, which does add some tension to the situation.

The leading actors in this film really held their ground. The best of the three was Gary Oldman in his role as Ivan Korshunov. He was a chilling, ruthless and very convincing antagonist in the film. Glenn Close also played her character very well, giving the American Vice President strength, confidence and unhesitant faith in her title and decisions. Rounding out the major players in this game is Harrison Ford. He was probably the weakest of the three by default, seeming quite cold and detached before the action kicks in. But Harrison Ford is a legend in the field of action, so when put to the test, he delivers.

Air Force One has received some acclaim since its debut, probably due to its major box office success and high profile cast. But ultimately, the story is not very original. The theme of American/Russian co-operation may have helped to release tension when the film was released in the 90s, but today it is not as timely and does not guarantee the same reliance. That being said, to take this as a fun action flick with cool (though outdated) special effects would not be a sin.


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