Thor: The Dark World (2013)

Dark, serious, fun. The tone follows in trend of the post-Avengers Marvel movies being darker than the original ones, and while the story and characters lacked in certain areas, the visual effects were the true focal point of the movie. Recommended? This movie could be enjoyed by fans of the Marvel franchise or action/fantasy movies in general.

Photo Credit: IMDb

Photo Credit: IMDb

The most impressive element of this movie by far was the special effects and artistic production. The visual effects team created the illusion of multiple worlds and heavy destruction in each one. While many of the effects in the first Thor movie were unrealistic and suffered from lens flare, the technology has finally caught up and the results were beautiful in the landscapes, destruction and the galactic creatures. It was also interesting to see an American film where the destruction was focussed in London, England as opposed to New York.

In terms of performances, Tom Hiddleston’s Loki once again seems to triumph above an A-List cast, consisting of Oscar Winners Anthony Hopkins and Natalie Portman and other popular choices like Chris Hemsworth, Kat Dennings and Stellan Skarsgard. Loki’s wit, cleverness and comedic timing have become a hit among fans and Hiddleston’s range within the character is truly impressive. That being said, those listed above were not particularly unimpressive either. If anything, the entire cast brought even more to the plate than in the first movie. Notably having done so was Kat Dennings. She brought the same spunk that she gives her character in 2 Broke Girls to the big screen, and while she had a tendency to come off as annoying at times, she also added a few laughs that would not have otherwise been there.

Overall, Thor: The dark World was a major improvement over the first film, but while the outcome seemed to follow in trend with Iron Man 3 and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the overall quality of the story didn’t. If the future Thor movies are to be taken as seriously as the other films in the Marvel’s Cinematic Universe Saga, the writers will need to smoothen out the plot holes and get rid of the character inconsistencies.


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