Pacific Rim (2013)

Fun, simple, forgettable. While the story is not very original or interesting, the focal point of this movie is the visual effects which were completely on point here Recommended? This movie is fun and should only be seen in a fashion that will best portray the stunning imagery.

Photo Credit: IMDb

Photo Credit: IMDb

The only real reason to see this movie is for its special effects. From the aliens to the robotic sequences, from the ocean floor to outer space and down to the centre of the Earth, the effort put into the visuals for this movie left for a true success. The fight sequences alone make this movie worthwhile. If not for the visuals, this movie would be no better than the average 80s second rate science fiction movie, for here, the flawed storyline is supported by effects that actually look realistic.

The performances in the movie are, overall, unimpressive. The only one who seemed to have some grasp of what he was doing was Idris Elba, whose poise, and sense of compassionate seriousness drove his performance further than any other in the movie. The main star, Charlie Hunnam, could have shown some of his character’s emotional growth and development if he wasn’t more focussed on looing sexy. On the same token, more people would be drawn to him in a movie like this for his looks as opposed to his acting. Many of the other characters seemed more like tokens, written and brought to life superficially and offering nothing unique to the story.

This movie is ultimately not as bad as you would expect it to be. Sure some of the dialogue is not quite up to par, a few of the characters are irritating and the story is extremely far-fetched and convenient. It is clear that this movie was the product of a lot of money spent in the hopes of making a lot more in return. The result was a visually impressive and oddly engaging experience. While the story presents itself as complex, it is important to just take it for what it is a movie about robots fighting aliens.


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