Jurgen Klopp: Review of Resignation

Earlier today, Borussia Dortmund manager Jurgen Klopp announced he would step down at the end of the season. Klopp is famous for establishing Dortmund as one of the biggest sides in world football, despite their financial limitations compared to the rest of the top bracket. Klopp’s tenure at Dortmund also wasn’t short of silverware, as Dortmund was able to capture 2 Bundesliga titles in the time he was at the Signal Iduna Park despite Bayern Munich’s domestic dominance. Most famously of all, Jurgen Klopp was able to take Borussia Dortmund all the way to the Champions League final in 2013, eventually losing to Bayern Munich at the death.

Jurgen Klopp is often referred to as the most charismatic man in football, a personality with fire, composure, drive and even a type of swagger. His personality is embroidered into the way his Dortmund sides over the year played football. They were always able to attack more than anything and score goals on the break. Klopp is also renowned for his (nowadays uncommon) ability to find talent at low prices and accelerate the development of players. This attribute is what makes him so well suited to Dortmund, as they have been often robbed of players and they have the aforementioned financial issues to deal with. Best of all, Klopp is known to be a “hipster’s favourite manager” who manages Dortmund, “the hipster’s favourite club”.

Klopp’s Dortmund tenure has had its bumps along the way, as Dortmund hasn’t come close to a Bundesliga title in 3 years. Most recently, Dortmund was in a slump and they were in the relegation zone until recently, which means they won’t be in the Champions League next year. Klopp, always a loyal man who wouldn’t terminate his contract, said at the beginning that he would leave Dortmund only if his contract was over or he felt he wasn’t the right man for the job anymore.

Evidently, Manuel Pellegrini has been under scrutiny at Manchester City, and already the betting odds have skyrocketed for Klopp to join City. His attributes would help an upcoming rebuild, as City’s squad is ageing. His ability to scout talent would help City tackle FFP and also his tactical style suits the current players who will still be in the main team in the future. Klopp may actually be able to set up the Citizens for their first ever long term period of success- not unlike the foundations currently being built at Chelsea by Jose Mourinho and being rebuilt by Louis Van Gaal at Manchester United.

Others say the 47-year-old will end up at AC Milan. The Italian club is one of the most successful sides of all time but they seem to be in turmoil, as they haven’t finished in the Top 5 of Serie A for quite some while now. The club looks like it will be bought by a new set of owners, and Klopp could be the man to restart the club and send them on their way to another dynasty.

Jurgen Klopp, overall, is an outstanding manager and a very interesting person. He seems to have a vision and a way of playing the beautiful game, and because of him Dortmund look bright for the future. Now, though, Klopp must move on, and he should look to create a new era at another club, and place himself in the history books.


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