Month: June 2015

Champions League Final Preview: Road to the Final

Today, Barcelona will meet Juventus in the biggest football match of 2015; the Champions League Final. The truth is, the final can only be a casual sporting event and irrelevant in the grand scheme of things for us fans, who feel the urge to spectate this moment. We take for granted that for everyone associated with Barcelona and Juventus, this very Saturday could end up being the pinnacle of their careers. I’d like to focus specifically on the players and managers in light of some great work that’s been done in these two clubs. (more…)


My Victory on Marilyn’s Money Madness

This goes out to everyone visiting my site after hearing my game on 104.5 CHUM FM.



This morning, I had the opportunity to play Marilyn’s Money Madness on the Radio. It pretty exciting, not just because because I won $300 in the category of Actors Known Best For One Role, but because so many people are now visiting Entertainment Revisited! Thanks so much to everyone who is checking out the site! And special thanks to Roger, Darren and Marilyn and the crew at CHUM for this opportunity! I hope you all like the site.

It looks empty right now, as I have been hard at work studying for my LSAT next week. But I promise new content over the next couple of weeks. Enjoy!