Power Ranking Manchester United Players October 31: Young Rises, Shaw Exits

Manchester United was truly and totally poor at Selhurst Park, earning their 3rd straight 0-0 draw after losing on penalties to Middlesbrough in the midweek. Wayne Rooney continues to miss chances and the base 6 are picking up the right pieces, but there’s nothing more to it! Here’s the weekly update on the rankings.


The only rule to qualify for the action is that set player has to have played at least 9 games so far. Ranking tiers indicate players’ ability to move in the coming weeks. A player can move a maximum of 1 point in the ranking tiers (they are NOT ratings).

15. Michael Carrick, CDM, 12 apps

Last Week: 14
Change: -1
Ranking Tier: 5

Michael Carrick has been better than his current rating suggests, but he falls to the bottom of the pecking order due to some great performances from Ashley Young and Luke Shaw falling out of the list. He also missed a vital penalty against Boro.

14. Ashley Young, Wide, 10 apps

Last Week: 16
Change: +2
Ranking Tier: 5

Ashley Young missed a penalty against Boro as well, but he came up absolutely HUGE against Crystal Palace at right back. He was the MOTM without doubt, and he was a sub. Well played!

13. Wayne Rooney, CAM/ST, 17 apps

Last Week: 13
Change: 0
Ranking Tier: 5

Wayne Rooney capped off an atrocious week with another poor performance against Crystal Palace, and he’s had quite the stinger. He was less involved in the City game than David de Gea (in possession) and he gave the ball away 28 times. He missed a penalty against Middlesbrough in the shootout as a super sub, and he managed to be unable to get a shot away in a one on one against Crystal Palace. Ouch! The only factor that keeps him up is his appearance count, which continues to rise.

12. Memphis, AM, 15 apps

Last Week: 12
Change: 0
Ranking Tier: 5

Memphis started the match against Middlesbrough and had some moments, but ultimately he continues to fail to deliver in the English game. He should be started in the Champions League, but the worrying resistance to rest Wayne Rooney means there’s no room in the team for him.

11. Antonio Valencia, RB, 10 apps

Last Week: 9
Change: -2
Ranking Tier: 5.5

Antonio Valencia missed both matches with an injury he picked up against Manchester City. He should be back in a week and a half, or else he’ll be worrying about his spot in my list (kidding).

10. Marouane Fellaini, CDM/CAM/ST, 11 apps

Last Week: 10
Change: 0
Ranking Tier: 6

Marouane Fellaini looked bright against Boro but looked super poor in defence against Palace. He missed aerial duels and he didn’t look half as good as Bastian Schweinsteiger this time out.

9. Daley Blind, CB/LB, 16 apps

Last Week: 11
Change: +2
Ranking Tier: 6

Daley Blind was restored to the starting lineup against Boro due to the fact Phil Jones had some pretty intense action against City. Blind dominated the Palace game and made 4 interceptions, while keeping 2 clean sheets at the heart of defence. He’s also one of the top appearance makers in the team!

8. Ander Herrera, Midfielder, 11 apps

Last Week: 7
Change: -1
Ranking Tier: 7.5

Ander Herrera was rested for a young attacking unit against Middlesbrough, but he played against Crystal Palace. He had some bright moments and some not-so-bright moments, but he seems to be playing further up the pitch than he’d like to.

7. Bastian Schweinsteiger, CDM, 17 apps

Last Week: 8
Change: +1
Ranking Tier: 7.5

Schweinsteiger had another calm, composed display against Crystal Palace, and he dominated the game to the point of suffering when he exited. He’s slowly adjusting to the English game. One note is he wants to play further up and Herrera wants to play further back, so perhaps a natural 4-3-3 could work better.

6. Matteo Darmian, Fullback, 17 apps

Last Week: 5
Change: -1
Ranking Tier: 7.5

Matteo Darmian disappointed in both matches this week, offering little attacking threat against Boro and struggling with Yannick Bolasie/Wilfried Zaha against Palace. He’s experiencing the adjustment period we expected to see earlier, so this may continue for the rest of the year.

5. David de Gea, GK, 11 apps

Last Week: 6
Change: +1
Ranking Tier: 7.5

David de Gea was rested against Boro which proved to be a poor decision considering Sergio Romero was unable to save any spot kicks. However, he was instrumental against Crystal Palace, pulling off some good saves and earning the defence a clean sheet.

4. Morgan Schneiderlin, CDM, 13 apps

Last Week: 4
Change: 0
Ranking Tier: 8.5

Morgan Schneiderlin is closing in on the top 3, with some top drawer performances from holding midfield. Watch him go!

3. Juan Mata, AM, 16 apps

Last Week: 3
Change: 0
Ranking Tier: 8.5

Juan Mata was United’s biggest threat against Crystal Palace (but was substituted instead of Rooney), and rested against Boro. He isn’t quite the same as he was early on, but he’s still a calming, controlling right winger. That’s a rare one.

2. Anthony Martial, LW/ST, 12 apps

Last Week: 2
Change: 0
Ranking Tier: 8.5

Anthony Martial keeps being shunted out wide, so he’s also been ineffective for most of the week. United hasn’t scored, and this guy needs to move back in! Side Note: Defenders HATE him…

1. Chris Smalling, CB, 18 apps

Last Week: 1
Change: 0
Ranking Tier: 10

One more week, two more commanding displays and 2 more clean sheets for Chris Smalling, who has really branched out at the top of this table.

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