Group Profiles

Group H: Breaking Down Group H at the World Cup

Group H is full of exciting and undiscovered talents. Belgium has come up with huge talents recently, while Algeria and South Korea have young and talented squads. Russia is not paid much attention to as most of their players are in the Russian Premier League, but they are a very talented team. (more…)


Group G: Breaking Down Group G at the World Cup

Another one of the death Groups contests 4 very hopeful sides in the World Cup this year. Germany have made the semifinals in every tournament since they hosted the World Cup. Portugal qualified because of a showing from Ballon D’Or Winner Cristiano Ronaldo, and he will hope to carry his form into the World Cup. Ghana made it into the quarterfinals in the World Cup 2010, and they will hope to bring out a similar performance. USA have a growing side that is based in a growing league. Can they carry their talent to the international stage for their continent? (more…)

Group F: Breaking Down Group F at the World Cup

Group F is arguably the least exciting Group in the tournament, contested by a potential champion and 3 inexperienced, not world class sides- Argentina, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Iran and Nigeria.  (more…)

Group E: Breaking Down Group E at the World Cup

The 5th of the Group contests is Group E. Group E is contested by 2 Latin American sides that have a chance to go through, Ecuador and Honduras, alongside easy qualifiers Switzerland and 1998 Winners France, who barely qualified at the hands of Ukraine.  (more…)

Group C: Breaking Down Group C at the World Cup

Group C is the third of the World Cup groups, and it is contested by 4 success-hungry, thriving sides who no one expects to win the World Cup; Colombia, Greece, Ivory Coast and Japan. Let’s take a look at previews and predictions for the Group.  (more…)

Group B: Breaking Down Group B at the World Cup

Group B is the second contest of all the groups in the World Cup and it is contested by 4 nations that hope to bring their countries to glory- Spain, Netherlands, Chile and Australia.  (more…)