Champions League Draw: Preview and Predictions

As the Champions League round-of-16 comes to a close, spectators and pundits will be bored until the April quarterfinals commence on April 14, 2015. Fortunately for us, the quarterfinal draw was revealed early Friday morning, so we can still speculate to pass by the time. (more…)


St. Patrick’s Day Champions League Review: Sportsman Values and Tiebreakers on Display

Yesterday’s Champions League action had me glued to the TV for almost 3 hours. After Arsenal saw elimination at the hands of Monaco on away goals, I switched quickly to watch the cagey Atletico Madrid taking on the sturdy Bayer Leverkusen in overtime. It’s the overtime that made me realize the leading theme of the footballing day: tiebreaking decisions.

Arsenal exited on away goals, while Bayer Leverkusen surrendered to Atletico in shootout. Watching the heartbreaking shootout is what made me realize that, though shootout isn’t the fairest tiebreak in the world, it still is a great deal better than away goals. (more…)

Ranking the Contenders for Each World Cup Individual Award

The World Cup is all about which nation brings the trophy home, and today, Germany and Argentina will fight for that title for the 3rd time in the last 30 years. After that, the individual awards go out, and there are 4 notable ones; The Golden Boot, The Golden Ball, The Golden Glove, and The Young Player Award. Yesterday, the finalists of each award were revealed, and going into the final, we give you a preview by ranking players based on performance. (more…)

The Best 23-Man Squad of the World Cup So Far

The World Cup consists of 32 teams that fight until 1 wins. Each of those teams takes 23 players to the World Cup. Instead of ranking all the players in an orthodox manner, we created a 23-Man Squad for the best players at the World Cup. (more…)

France vs Germany: Match Highlights, Tactical Analysis, Player Grades

Germany did well to overcome France today, getting a 1-0 win over France through defensive solidity. Although they looked suspect in the beginning, with a flu outbreak across the squad, Mats Hummels and Toni Kroos bossed the field today. (more…)

France vs Nigeria: Match Highlights, Grades

France did well to overcome the stingy Nigerians today. Although Nigeria played well, France overcame them late and scored 2 goals to take it. (more…)

Costa Rica vs Greece: Highlights, Player Ratings

Costa Rica has been brave today, winning a match that was tough for them. Not only did they go down to 10 men, but they ran out of substitutions, their goalkeeper’s shoulder and knee were injured (and he saved a penalty), and Greece equalized to take it to extra time in the 90th minute. Let’s see how Costa Rica did it. (more…)